What is a VPN?

A VPN is a service that allows you to be more anonymous on the web and to also prevent eavesdropping on your web and internet activities.

The need for a VPN or Virtual Private Network is greater than ever before. Many of us are using our devices, be it phones, tablets and laptops on the move and in public places. When ever we are using a wifi signal that is not owned by us, the potential for that signal to have a man in the middle or bad actor is greater than ever. Following on regular reports in the media, more and more networks are compromised by people wanting to hack into your devices, or steal your user names and password, or commit other crimes, such as key logging your key strokes.

Virtual Private Network

We are able to manage these threats quite easily these days, however. At Blue Ginger Digital Studio, we have ensured that all our devices, be it desktops in the office or our portable devices, such as tablets and phones are all protected by VPN Network software to make sure that whenever we are out and about, such as in airport lounges or public restaurants etc, we are always able to mitigate any attempted hacks into our systems.

You can obtain your VPN service that we recommend here.