Rent a Website

Here at Blue Ginger, we try our hardest to accommodate the requests of our clients and one request that keeps popping up is “I cannot afford to buy a site but I can afford a small amount monthly”. And that is where our Rent a Website comes in.

It is designed for everyone, every business, every hobby, and whatever your budget is. Maybe you just want to try out a basic website, see how it will work for you or you are in the process of revamping your own business but need a temporary site to keep your presence out there.

Renting a website is for you.

We will create a basic site with a niche-specific domain, it will not be your domain as it will remain with the site. We then create the site around you, with your content and pictures, or we can create generic photos from our stock.

Includes your SEO and updates

You then just pay monthly for your access. A brilliant thing that most people forget is to get help with optimizing their online presence – SEO – We do it for you. Your monthly fee will cover our team babysitting and maintaining your site. You will have full access and can upload content and change pictures, etc, however, our team will be able to fix any problems at any time.

We keep the process simple

I know what it is like to want something but it just seems too difficult and then comes the red tape. Not to worry, I hate it and I know you do too so we keep it simple. Our process is basically the same as when we create a site.

  1. Find out what your business is all about
  2. What do you need the site to do
  3. Buy a domain name in the niche of your business
  4. Create the basic shell of your site
  5. Begin the uploading of content and pictures

It is that simple. Call or email us for more information.